CNA Salary By State But Provides A Steady Income

A certified nursing assistant, known also as a CNA plays an important role as part of a medical team and they assist licensed practical nurses and registered nurses with a variety of tasks. It makes sense that the longer you remain in the field of certified nursing assistance, the more sought after you will be because of your broad experience and your salary can only improve. If you have completed your training at a highly reputable nursing school or college, your salary would also be higher than the average salary of someone who did their training at an unrecognized college. Some CNA positions also pay more than others, and if you are working in an ICU of a well known hospital, you would also get more before of the intensity of the work. The type of medical facility that you work in will also impact the amount that you earn. Yes, CNA salary by state do differ and your salary in New York for instance will be at about $30,000 to $50,000 while in one of the small towns you could be looking at $20,000 to $30,000. CNA Salary By State

When you are hired to work as a certified nursing assistant, make sure you  receive a job description so that you know exactly what you will be required to do in exchange for the salary you receive. CNA salary by state will also be determined by the setting you find yourself in.

Accredited Training Institutions In New York Equals Better Salaries

Manhattan Institute for instance offers a certified nurse assistant course with the convenience of studying during the day or evening. They offer life-time job placement assistance for all CNA graduates, and the beauty of it all is that their course tuition is low. The Manhattan Institute is a New York State licensed and accredited institution with licensed practical and registered nurses. They offer the best certified nurse assistant training in the industry,making use of classroom, hands-on, and audio video training. When you take into account that CNA salary by State vary because of what each one offers, you can see that by putting Manhattan Institute on your CV, it is going to increase your chances of getting a better salary, because they are highly recommended as an accredited and reputable training institute in a big city.

Salaries For CNA Differ From State To State

The certified nursing assistant salary will definitely vary from city to city and state to state, but the more courses you have completed and the longer you are employed, the better your salary will be. For those interested in knowing what the earning per hour would be, you are looking at earning from $12 to $20 per hour. If you want to learn more about the salaries and jobs of certified nursing assistants, is an excellent resource in that they have been providing salary and career data for millions of people and cover thousands of job titles in different countries. According to, CNAs employed at hospitals made a yearly salary of $28,753 in 2011. Nursing homes offered CNA professionals a wage of $23,422 per year in 2011 according to

  • work area – it makes sense that the more specialized the work area is the higher your salary will be.A certified nursing assistant working in an emergency room will get a higher salary than a certified nursing assistant who works in the ward. Employers look at the qualifications and characteristics of the CNA and then decide where to place certain staff. Sometimes a certified nursing assistant will be placed in a specialized area in a hospital and may receive compensation pay for the time they are assigned to a particular work area. They may even receive hazard pay if they are required to work in dangerous areas where their stress levels go up considerably. Certified nursing assistants are sometimes called upon to fill dangerous positions in correctional facilities or in military settings, and they can receive $5,000 more than a CNA in a general hospital setting. Your salary might also be higher if you work as a traveling certified nursing assistant, because you are compensated for being on the road so often. You may not receive the same financial packaging as a general certified nursing assistant, but you will be entitled to a higher hourly wage.
  • location – a certified nursing assistant who is working in a home care setting will be earning less than a certified nursing assistant who works in a large and well know hospital with every kind of facility for patient care.

Nursing Facilities Recognize The Value Of Their CNAs

Many nurses enter the nursing industry simply because they love the work and want to help others in their need. Because the medical care field rates nursing assistance as entry level, the pay is lower when compared with licensed practical nurses or registered nurses, and cause nursing assistants to feel somewhat unacknowledged for the type of work they do. The median salary for a nursing assistant in the US is $24,383, but the sum will depend on your experience as well as the locality of your job. Most certified nursing assistants who have a passion for nursing and who want to change their earning capacity as quickly as possible, start looking towards becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse as soon as possible because they will be looking at a salary in the region of $45,000. These nurses certainly have a lot more responsibility and far more training.

Many hospitals and nursing facilities recognize that nursing assistants put in a lot of hours taking care of the more menial yet highly necessary tasks in keeping the facility running smoothly, and they do everything they can to make the working conditions for their certified nursing assistants as attractive as possible and they know too well that a good nursing assistant is hard to come by. They would rather raise the salary of a quality nursing assistant than have to go through the process of looking for new staff and having to train them from scratch.

Experience and Certification Increases Your Chances of Better Pay

A certified nursing assistant is an entry-level health professional and duties are always performed under the supervision of a licensed health care professional. For anyone wanting to start a career in this industry, certification is required. A certificate program is offered by community colleges and require that students complete prerequisite courses before going into a certified nursing assistant program which will include learning things like CPR, nutrition, basic computer knowledge, infection control, medical terminology, the human body and well as first aid. Students will learn how to care for and meet the needs of patients and get training in real life settings in hospitals. Students have to complete the recommended hours for certification, and at the moment the federal government requires at least 75 hours of nursing assistant training.

The requirements for becoming a certified nursing assistant will vary from state to state. Once you get your certification, you are able to start working in the state where you are registered. In every job, experience is always a strong benefit and a nursing assistant with five years of experience may earn in the region of $20,000 while those who have been closer to ten years will be looking at $35,000.

The Cream Of The Crop Always Stand A Better Chance

Because of the shortage of nursing schools and community colleges as well as qualified nursing educators, many hopeful candidates are turned away, and to streamline the selection process, applicants with the highest points and who will are likely to complete the nursing program successfully are given top priority. During training, the certified nursing assistant will get theoretical as well as hands-on patient care. Some of the tasks of the CNA include caring for patients, massage as well as basic physiology, anatomy and nutrition. Maine Medical Center for instance, offers a certified nursing assistant course of 180 hours, after which students take the State Certification Examination. Their course covers some of the following:

  • CPR and basic life support
  • communication skills
  • patient care
  • infection control
  • age specific care
  • mobility skills
  • nutrition and the importance of it for health
  • common health problems

There are several things that will affect salaries of CNAs. CNA salary by state and there are a number of things that will affect the type of salary you earn:

  • your education level
  • having your own transport
  • your years of experience
  • day or night shifts your professional certifications

Different Health Settings Offer Different Payment Scales

Certified nursing assistants work in many different health care settings, and while specific duties vary depending on the type of facility in which you work, the tasks are geared towards helping patients with their ablutions and to settle them for the day. They also perform basic medical tasks like taking vital signs like blood pressure or temperature. Any changes in a patient’s condition are reported to the doctor on duty or the registered nurse.

Becoming a certified nurse assistant should improve your salary from that of when you are a nursing assistant. Gaining on-the-job experience is a way to earn higher wages. Doing as many courses as possible will certainly increase your salary. If you are wanting to apply for a better position, the more education you have, the better chances you have of getting a well paid job. For instance, having
complete a basic life support course will certainly help to influence your salary.

Do Nurse Salaries Really Vary From State To State?

The job of nursing assistants comes with attractive financial benefits, and unlike other industries that know good and bad times, the nursing industry is infallible and no matter how the economy suffers, the demand for nurses, especially with the burgeoning population, is always going to be great, and in fact the demand for certified nursing assistants in particular states like Arkansas and Ohio for instance is increasing.

While the salary varies from state to state, the salary of the CNA doesn’t go below $15,000 in any of the states, and can actually rise substantially where the demand for nursing assistants is particularly high and the chances of employment are good. Make sure as a certified nursing assistant, that you register with the State Nursing Board so that you can move to another state where there are better salaries.


Certified nursing assistants or CNAs can get jobs in hospitals, doctor’s rooms, clinics, nursing homes or in home care. The bottom line is that working as a certified nursing assistant is not going to make you particularly wealthy, but it will certainly provide you will a respectable salary to afford you a comfortable lifestyle. To become a certified assistant, they would have undergone a number of training programs which always vary from nursing school to nursing school. . Once you have completed your programs, you will need to pass the examinations required to actually become a certified assistant, which will certainly give you a salary advantage.

You can’t get away from the fact that the best way to increase your salary is to educate yourself from an accredited nursing college. It pays to get your training from a reputed college. Because you are working with the lives of people, people who want to make a career in the medical field need the very best education and certification. An advanced certified assistant salary is better than the salary of regular certified assistants.

There is a real need for certified nursing assistants and if you want to become a CNA there are certainly benefits and compensation for you. CNA salary by state vary considerably and they take into account where you got your training, Bear in mind that there are also highly reputable training facilities for you to get your certification online, and you can also complete the correct training hours and criteria. The certification program provides a nurse with the required skills and knowledge about nursing, and the nurse feels more confident in practicing with the required skills. Certification brings financial benefits and also recognization in the medical care industry.

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