Emergency Medical Technician

An Emergency Medical Technician is the person who is normally first on the scene when there is a medical emergency. EMTs are trained and undergo EMT Certification which equips them to handle various emergency situations, to save lives, and to stabilize patients until they can get them to a hospital. Emergencies happen at any time of the day or night a when that 911 call comes in there are many EMTs who are ready to answer and once again rush out to the accident, drowning, fire, natural disaster or medical emergency.

EMTs are the first line of defence in any emergency situation and it is only thanks to them that many people are still alive today. They attend to the problem, stabilize the patient and transfer them to a hospital by ambulance or even by helicopter sometimes. The EMT will stay with the patient and make sure they are stabilized on the way to the hospital and until they can safely hand them over to other medical professionals.

In order to become an EMT one needs to undertake training in various medical and emergency life-saving disciplines including driving, and have a particular kind of personality. Once the training has been completed EMT certification needs to take place before one can practise as an Emergency Medical Technician.


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