EMT Scholarships Put An Exciting Career Within Everybody’s Reach

Many students cannot wait to end their school careers and to start college or university and have the chance to dedicate their studies to something they are really interested in. Colleges and universities are expensive and often beyond the reach of most students, but there are many financial aid programs, scholarships and educational grants to aid in paying the cost of training or tuition. Students are chosen based on certain criteria including academic excellence, wanting to give back to the community, and also on outstanding character. EMT scholarships are a wonderful resource for covering the costs of this formal training and there are many students who have worked hard and who are eligible for grants or scholarships. Riggs Ambulance Service, for instance, offers their students scholarship programs and may provide up to $10,000 in scholarship money for their current EMTs to go on to Paramedic level. You can look at this website for more information.

Tips For Finding The Best Scholarships

The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians is an example of an institution which offers these scholarships for EMT personnel who wish to further their education. The value of the scholarships differs, but First responders looking to become EMT-Basics could be looking at some $500. Students.gov is an excellent and trustworthy resource from the federal government to look for scholarships. They also list places to look for financial aid and scholarships.

When you start looking for scholarships, pay attention to their eligibility requirements. These can often seem rather complicated, so it would be helpful to contact the college and ask for assistance. This could be a wonderful opportunity for you, so make sure that you do all you can to ensure that you have all the correct facts.

There are also many private and Federal scholarships to choose from, but some students still find it difficult locating the right ones for them. On the Internet there are many articles and links directing you to places to find scholarships and tips on how to write a successful scholarship application.

There is no doubt that higher education is getting very expensive, and looking into the different ways of attaining a scholarship can be the first step to decreasing the costs involved with this higher education.

Finding Scholarship Providers

There are a number of companies, large and small, offering scholarships. The college where you want to study offer their students scholarships based on merit as well as financial need. You can also look at the website of your State Department of Higher Education. Government sponsored websites are always a reliable source to look for scholarships. Visit FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at www.fafsa.ed.gov. They don’t award merit-based scholarships, but they do award many need based grants every year. Some Federal programs available to students are:

  • Pell Grants
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants

Applying For Scholarships

Most scholarship applications follow more or less the same pattern. Most of them will request that you send the following with your application form:

  • letters of recommendation
  • past test scores
  • resume
  • all transcripts
  • motivational essays

There are certain basic concepts that go into every scholarship application. As mentioned, your resume and motivational essay are just two. Each scholarship has different requirement, and you will need to fulfill eligibility requirements for the successful applying for a scholarship.EMT Scholarship

Make your personal and motivational essay clear, explaining how you intend to honor the scholarship. You want to share personal information which will help the scholarship judge sum you up as a person. You will need to include things like what helped in pointing you towards this line of higher education and how you are intending to put your degree to use.

You will also want to apply to as many private, merit-based scholarships as you can. Always apply early and remember that part of applying to scholarships is searching for those that you are most qualified for.

You Needn’t Let The Cost Of EMT Tuition Deter You

Becoming an EMT can be costly for many because of the cost of tuition, application fees, text books and certification. Financial aid, grants and EMT scholarships can help cut down on the costs, and for this reason government or state scholarships as well as private nonprofit charities make scholarships available to EMT students. The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians offers scholarships for EMT’s and paramedics throughout the United States. To be eligible for this scholarship, you have to be enrolled in the related educational field.

Many Hours Of Training

When you add up the hours of training, the courses will involve some 150 hours of training, which means the course can be completed from 3 to 5 months. The cost of the course is currently round about $1100 which includes the basic equipment like stethoscope, CPR face mask and blood pressure cuff for example. This can be pretty steep for students without a scholarship.

Thousands Of Scholarship Opportunities

The Austin Community College Foundation is able to offer scholarship programs because of donations from various organizations, individuals, and foundations. They offer many scholarship opportunities available for which you can apply online, and for any of those who have trouble accessing their online application process, you can call their help line at 223-HELP.

There are students who believe that the only EMT scholarships they can apply for are from the college or university they want to attend, but there are literally thousands of scholarship opportunities available to hard-working students. A quick look on the Internet will direct you to plenty of scholarships websites, one of which is www.scholarshipssss.com. Pepsi is another place where scholarships are offered. Some of the scholarships are:

  • Pepsi Service Scholarship – eligible students must prove they are in financial need.
  • Pepsi Cola Public Affairs Scholarship – applicants must have completed 45 semester hours. The amounts of the scholarship vary each year and are available to students attending Missouri State University.
  • Boundtree Medical Legacy Scholarship is a popular scholarship as it provides $50,000 in funds for the student children of EMS personnel who also want to follow a career in Emergency Medical Services. Their website is www.boundtree.com
  • The Rockingham Regional Ambulance Association in New Hampshire has established the Paramedic Scholarship Fund. The scholarships are merit and need based.
  • The Bucks County Emergency Health Council EMT Scholarship Award recognizes outstanding EMTs pursuing paramedic courses.

The Ohio Firefighters Paramedic Scholarship is another route to take and they offer scholarship money to students pursuing a career as a paramedic through the Ohio Firefighters Paramedic Scholarship which is valued at $2,000.
The Paul Erickson Paramedic Scholarship varies with their scholarship amounts each year and they can be used to pay for the cost of tuition and textbooks. To be eligible for this scholarship, a student must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 and needs to also enroll for a minimum of nine credit hours each semester.

WEMT Scholarship Program

Each year WMI offers scholarship for students doing these Wilderness EMT courses who show. potential to excel as WMI students and who, without a scholarship, would not be able to do the course without financial aid.

Moving Hands Scholarship

In an effort to expand the scope of emergency medical treatment in the Wilderness, those fluent in American Sign Language may be eligible to receive full EMT scholarships to one of the Wilderness courses taught by the Wilderness Medicine Institute of NOLS (WMI). For information or to apply for the Moving Hands Scholarship, contact the WMI registrar at: (866) 831-9001 ext. 1.

Be On The Lookout For Scholarship Scams

Scholarships are every students wish, and are a source of free money. Scholarships are rewards for any student who excels academically or in sport. Individuals and organizations providing these scholarships understand too well that students need money, and it is for this very reason that they don’t request a lot of unlikely and suspect conditions, like requesting credit card numbers or asking for your social security number. Reputable scholarship applications never ask you to provide personal information which is of a sensitive nature.

Parents and students are already stressed out about where they are going to find the money to pay for college, and they often are tempted to fall for any scheme offering free money. Unfortunately there are plenty of scholarship scammers and some have conned millions from unsuspecting victims by offering these fake scholarships. There are a couple of scholarships scams to be aware of:

  • Some organizations will ask you to pay them a certain amount for which you are guaranteed to win a scholarship. Never send any money in order to claim a scholarship.
  • Look out for people who tell you that they have heaps of scholarships to offer because they go unawarded each year.
  • You might also be told that you are a finalist for an award, but to get the award you need to first provide financial information to confirm your eligibility. You will later discover that your credit card has been debited, with no award in sight.

It is suggested in such a case that you actually contact the organization and ask them for the names of those who have won scholarships. If you would like more information on scholarships scams, you can look at www.supercollege.com.

To avoid scholarship scams, always check out free scholarships with your guidance office at your college, and remember that when looking for scholarships, legitimate companies will never guarantee scholarships or grants.

Scholarships Offer Many Benefits

There are a number of students who don’t bother with scholarships because they believe that scholarships are essential for those students who are in need of financial assistance for attending college. This is only partly true, because being awarded a scholarship will be hugely beneficial to any student for a number of years after receiving the award. If you are one of those students who has been delaying applying for a scholarship because you think it doesn’t apply to you, you need to reconsider because there are plenty benefits that you may be missing out on.

For merit based scholarships you can be confident that you are an achiever. For some scholarships there are many applicants, so when you are recognized for your achievements, it will give you the confidence to go after other goals.

Advantages In The Workplace With Scholarship Awards

Receiving a merit-based scholarship is a true achievement, and when you apply for jobs or even for more college training, you have excellent proof that you set your goals high and go for the best. Of course, one of the biggest benefits of being awarded a scholarship is the financial rewards. Even if you are one of those students who are not financially needy, you can always put the money to good use. You may even need it to cover other study costs.

Scholarships Open Doors of Opportunity At Top Facilities

University doors do not automatically swing open for all students; and in fact there are universities who prefer their students who have a list of achievements behind them, and your scholarship is bound to open doors to the best and most distinguished universities. There is no denying it… a merit based scholarship is a ticket into getting the best education you can. A merit based scholarship is simply confirming that you are a cream-of-the-crop student who will be an asset to the university.

Your Resume Has Something On It That Is Sought After

Everybody knows that your resume is just another one on the pile, but a merit based scholarship added onto your resume certainly makes it stand out from the others. It tells your employer that you are somebody who believes in always improving yourself with more qualifications and achievements.

Becoming an Emergency Medical Technician is a sought after vocation for school leavers because the realize they can enjoy enhanced benefits from scholarships which them to fire, rescue and emergency medical services.

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