Jump Start EMT Tuition With A Training Program

Emergency Medical Technicians work in a number of settings, of which working in an ambulance is one of the more common areas of work. EMT tuition equips individuals to work in an ambulance, be a first responder or work as a fire fighter. Some of the things you will learn as an EMT is scene assessment as well as patient assessment, taking a medical history, physical examination of the patient, trauma care, wound care, shock management, obstetrics, childbirth, general pharmacology, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, infection control, hazardous materials and much more. You can see that EMT tuition would have to be pretty thorough to ensure the emergency medical technician can handle all of these tasks with efficiency and professionalism.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Students should consider carefully whether they have what it takes to succeed in this job because the training is intense as well as the job, and the EMT will be exposed to gruesome accidents as well as dangerous situations.

To become an EMT, you’ll need to complete a formal training program. A high school diploma is a prerequisite. Depending on the institution, EMT training is available, including a basic and intermediate EMT program, as well as paramedic training. With EMT tuition you will learn the fundamental techniques of emergency care which will include things like patient assessment, respiratory management, treating those who have had heart attacks as well as learning how to use emergency equipment like oxygen delivery systems. EMT Tuition

Admission to an EMT program is competitive, and to stand a chance at being accepted, EMT applicants must show their proficiency in maths as well as communication skills. Students will be required to do an entrance exam to evaluate their aptitude and probability of success. There are minimum scores which are required for admissions and applicants who score below the minimum accepted level will not be admitted.

Online Tuition For Ease And Convenience

There are many prospective EMTs who show interest in online EMT tuition. For instance Percom offers you the chance to get your EMT Basic Certification with just ten days of live training. For more information look at percomonline.com. Their online EMT Cast program allows the student to finish their EMT basic training online which ends with a ten day marathon skills and clinical session. They offer this program to international students for which air fare and car rental is included. When you finish these fantastic online courses you will be well trained and ready to take on all levels of emergency situations that an EMT Basic would encounter in the field of EMS. Percom also offers easy transition to their EMT Intermediate/Advanced and Paramedic classes. They give you six months to complete their online EMT program.

Certified EMTs

Once you have completed the course and also passed the state written and practical exam, you are a certified EMT. With certification you can start to work as an EMT. Many health care institutions offer EMT-Basic certificate programs which is the introductory level of training. These programs require students to possess a high school diploma and for the student to be 18 years old.

After completing EMT-Basic training courses, graduates must take an examination to earn certification. This exam is made up of a written test and a skills analysis test. Every state requires EMTs to become licensed after they are certified, but becoming licensed will vary from state to state. Emergency Medical Technicians must renew their license every few years by completing continuing education courses on EMT training. This is important to ensure that the EMT is always well-trained and up to date with the latest advances in the field.

What Does Emergency Medical Technician Tuition Cost?

Spartanburg Community College for instance is an excellent college where students are encouraged to reach their full potential for growth and development and where a desire for lifelong learning is encouraged. They are always looking at ways to improve their programs and services, and if you want to look at information on EMTs you can visit their website at www.sccsc.edu/resources/business/tuition.aspx.

A General Idea Of EMT Tuition Fees At Spartanburg Community College

  • Enrollment-related fees are $25.00 application fee to college
  • $35.00 SCC Enrollment fee charged to each student, each term. This fee covers non-instructional support costs.
  • $15.00 Lab fee
  • $96.00 EMT textbook
  • $14.00 BLS for Healthcare Provider textbook
  • $12.00 Pocket mask
  • $85.00 Criminal Background Investigation / Drug Screening
  • $5.00 CPR Certification
  • Out-of-pocket expenses:
  • $80.00 National Registry of EMTs Practical Exam
  • $70.00 National Registry of EMTs written exam

Fees associated with other courses may vary with training level

What About Financial Aid?

Several federal scholarships and grants are available for students who are not sure how on earth they are going to find the money to pay for college. Attending college is a huge step for you as a student, but it can be frustrating and disappointing when the cost of higher education restricts you from attending college and getting that degree. Federal scholarships and grants are available for almost all types and categories of people. Those who once had the desire to achieve higher educational degrees and could not because of lack of funds can pay for their school and college through federal financial aids. Make use of the Internet to research the different grants and scholarships.

EMT’s are eligible for financial aid. There are a number of national grant programs available to students pursuing careers as emergency medical technicians. These are offered by professional and private organizations.

  • The Pell Grant for instance, is the foundation of federal financial aid and is awarded to part-time or full-time undergraduate students with proven financial need.
  • The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians for instance offers tuition grant programs of up to $5,000 for students completing their EMT-Paramedic certification. Online applications are available at naemt.org.
  • The Michael J. Latta EMS Scholarship Foundation offers tuition grants to EMT students. Applications can be downloaded from the Michael J. Latta EMS Scholarship Foundation website – emsscholarship.com.
  • The Brian Jennemann Memorial Scholarship Fund – The Kentucky EMS Connection delivers scholarship funds to candidates accepted into a licensed paramedic schooling System by way of the Brian Jennemann Memorial Scholarship Fund.
  • Scholarships or Grants is a fantastic website – scholarshipsorgrants.com where you can have access to excellent information on grants and scholarships for students.

Some Of The Top EMT And Paramedic Schools Include

  • George Washington University, Washington, D.C – they offer a basic EMT certification programs which can be completed in one semester. Theis program prepares students for the EMT Basic Certification Exam.
  • Stony Brook University, New York – they offer an EMT- paramedic program that prepares students for certification and gives them credentials in advanced cardiac, pediatric and pre-hospital trauma life support.
  • Grand Canyon University – they offer Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Emergency Management. This is a private Christian college and is located in Arizona where tuition will depend on: the level of degree being sought.
  • CityTownInfo.com –citytowninfo.com is an excellent Emergency Medical Technician resource because they list EMT schools by state.

Certificate And Degree Programs

There are many different levels of EMT Certification with different skills and training. The most basic level of certification, the EMT-Basic, allows a person to work on an ambulance. With this certification however, you won’t be able to administer medicine or start IVs. Other levels of certification allow a person to administer medication.

Certificate programs are offered to students who want to get a certificate as quickly as possible in order to apply for an entry-level job. The availability of online certificate programs has made certification even more attractive, allowing students to do online tuition while doing their current jobs. Emergency Medical Technicians who already have the required clinical experience can expand their EMT knowledge with online continuing education programs. Degree programs will require general education courses which will boost the students’ EMT skills.

All states require emergency medical technicians to get a license to practice and they also require professional certification through the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians – NREMT. You will need to maintain your license and certification with continuing education or refresher courses.


Today, more and more responsibility is being placed on emergency medical technicians and paramedics, and they are qualified to do many things besides fieldwork. Some go on to fill managerial positions in emergency services.

If you cannot wait to complete your EMT training and get going, there are only a select number of EMT schools that offer a 2 week EMT boot camp where participants do hands on training and become a certified EMT in a shorter time than traditional programs. For more information on this fantastic but intense course look at unitekeducation.com. With food and accommodation thrown in, highlights of this brilliant 14-day EMT Boot Camp are 120 hours of hands-on instructor-led training and 10 hours of clinical with an experience team of instructors. American Heart Association’s Basic Life Support (BLS) / CPR training and card included. Later on, if you are thinking of medical school, aside from the number of other fantastic career options you will get with your EMT certification, this certificate will also provide you, as a pre-med student, an advantage of getting into medical school.

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