Medical Assistant Salaries In Metropolitan Areas

Medical assistant salaries in metropolitan areas will depend on the type of training the medical assistant has received. Students at school who wish to follow a career in nursing should be focusing on subjects like math, biology, bookkeeping and typing as these subjects will help with their medical assistant training. Medical assistants play a supportive role in the health care industry for doctors and other health care professionals. The scope of practice for a medical assistant will vary from state to state but they perform any number of tasks such as measuring patients’ vital signs, administering medications, recording patient information, collecting specimens of bodily fluids for laboratory testing. They work under the supervision of a doctor, and the minimum requirement to become a medical assistant is a high school diploma.

Salary Is Often Based On Experience

The medical assistant salary is based on experience, and it makes sense that the salary of a degreed person in the medical industry will be higher than someone with a certificate. Medical assistants who have a number of years in the industry can expect to make over anything from $20,000 to $40,000 per year. They have a variety of different career paths open to them and those who have had extensive training can expect to earn a higher salary.  According to the American Medical Association official website, salaries could range from $22,000 to $30,000 per year. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’, the annual salary for a medical assistant is $28,860, but they acknowledge that salaries vary greatly based on specialization, location and years of experience as well as other factors.  Some salaries of the medical assistant will also include benefits like medical insurance. Some of the US States offering the highest medical assistant salaries are – Alaska, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Ohio, Hawaii, Michigan, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Where You Work – Metropolitan Or Rural?

Medical assistant salaries in metropolitan areas generally pay more than jobs in rural areas.  You are far more likely to earn more in New York than in Arkansas. This is also because your employer is likely to be bigger in the city than a country practice. On top of that, a hospital or clinic in a metropolitan area will also offer competitive health insurance benefits which don’t increase your salary, but in the long run it is money in your pocket. Without medical aid you will have to fork out a substantial amount on medical treatments.Medical Assistant Salaries In Metropolitan Areas

If you have just left school and are battling to find a job because they all want experience, get an internship which will provide you with that hands-on experience you need to get hired in the first place. If you are new on the job, don’t be discouraged by your first paychecks; as you gain more experience, training and seniority, you will qualify for better pay. On top of that, if you work in a location where demand is higher, you are bound to make more money.

In the metropolitan areas, as opposed to rural areas, you will find more medical facilities like drug rehab centers, cardiology centers, gynecology centers, neurology centers, plastic surgery departments as well as other medical centers which you wouldn’t find in rural areas and job opportunities and salaries are offered in large cities where these medical centers are found.

The geographic location of the medical facility will certainly affect the salary package for this occupation. Medical assistants working in Alaska earn a pretty generous salary as well as medical assistants in Hawaii.

Get Training From Accredited Schools To Enhance Your Salary

There are always medical assistants who have a number of years of experience behind them and who have also had substantial training. There is advanced medical training that will only further increase your chances of getting a better paying job. Familiarity with medical terminology can lead to better careers. The important thing to remember with medical assistant salaries is that like or other medical specialists, it is important to get your education from recognized and accredited schools, whether you opt to do you studying online or the traditional way.

Being Certified Opens Doors To Better Employment

Medical assistants are employed in a number of different settings like hospitals, private practices or clinics and their job description varies with each employment setting. Don’t confuse the medical assistant with the physician assistant. The physician assistant will have to do a higher level of training and certification will be needed as well as having to perform more advanced duties than the medical assistant.  Becoming a medical assistant doesn’t require a license, but medical assistants who have carefully thought it through will realize that opting to take the exam to become a certified medical assistant will be of benefit and will open more doors of employment. Having that elusive certificate will show potential employers that an applicant is committed, prepared and competent to perform all their duties with skill and expertise.

You Can Increase Your Medical Assistant Salary

If you are not satisfied with the salary you earn as a medical assistant, there is plenty you can do to change things. Educating yourself is always a worthwhile option and if you are prepared to move on from a mediocre salary to something far better, there is never a better time to start studying than now. Licensing or certification may not be compulsory, but is it becoming highly sought after by employers, and if you come up against medical assistants with certification when you don’t your chances of getting the job are greatly diminished.

To become a medical assistant with a decent salary, you need to get the best training you can. You will learn how to do lab procedures, assist the doctor as well as medical billing and coding.

Completing your training can take up to two years. Medical assistant training will certainly give you a head start over those with no training. Medical Assisting-EDU is an excellent resource for looking for medical assisting schools by state. They provide you with the chance to learn about what the medical assistant programs and professions are like in your particular state. CMAs require training from an accredited medical assistant school and the passing of a certification test afterwards.

Different Certifying Agencies

More and more employers are only hiring applicants who have been trained and received a certificate before hiring someone with little knowledge in the field. The different certifying agencies are recognized by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies.

  • Certified Medical Assistant -CMA – done through the American Association of Medical Assistants. Receiving your CMA is the most common certification after finishing with medical assisting training. . After completing an accredited medical assisting program, you can apply for the exam. You become eligible to put on your resume that you are a Certified Medical Assistant.
  • Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) this is done through the American Medical Technologists. Their focus is on allied health professionals and not just medical assistants. AMT offers a variety of certifications, and you can find out more at the AMT website.
  • National Certified Medical Assistant (NCMA) they are an independent certification organization to certify medical assistants. There are two ways to qualify to take the certification test – you must have graduated from an approved program or you can qualify with enough work experience.
  • Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) National Health career Association is an independent organization and offers certifications tests.

Most medical assistants complete a two year degree although this is not a requirement.  Completing different courses will be valuable.  Because of the different types of training that medical assistants have, there are other positions that medical assistants can enjoy. Moving to other related fields such as nursing will require additional training and certification.  Medical assistants that have medical as well as clerical skills are in high demand and have excellent job and salary prospects. Medical assistants also opt to specialize and optometric assistants are just one example of specialized assistants.


Medical assistant salaries in metropolitan areas are higher than in rural areas but will differ from state to state.  The best way to maximize your chances in the job market and to increase your salary earnings is to get your medical assistant certification and to become licensed in as many special procedures as you possibly can.  With certification, medical assistants will be very much in need in all areas of the medical industry. About Salary at gives a detailed description of medical assistant salaries as well as the benefits they receive.

The medical assistant profession is expected to grow dramatically and the employment opportunities and average monthly and annual income is pretty good. For anyone looking for a career in the medical industry, starting out as a certified medical assistant will stand you in good stead, and many states are providing exceptional chances for you to get ahead with good job opportunities and good salaries and benefits as well.

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