Online RN Schools Offer High Quality Nursing Programs

Registered Nurses are highly trained professionals in the health care field and they are licensed by the state. Those who have attained their RN title are graduates of a formal training program of nursing education and they will be providing direct care to patients. Because they have more responsibilities than other classes of nurse, the online RN schools they intend studying with will need to be of a high quality and be accredited. When you consider that they analyze test results, examine patients, administer medications, deliver treatment to patients, take part in immunization clinics and help perform diagnostic tests amongst others, then you realize that they cannot be getting their qualifications from some unlicensed nursing school because the lives of people are in their hands.

If you have chosen to pursue your RN degree, you may be looking at the study options – an on-campus setting or online. Making up your mind to follow one course over the other will need to be thoroughly evaluated.

Make Sure Your Online Nursing School Is Accredited

When researching which online school you want to attend, the most important thing is to determine if the institution is accredited or not, and also by whom. Accreditation is your college or universities stamp of approval for delivering a quality education. This will ensure the student is properly trained and that the public can know that the nurses attending to them received the proper training. Accreditation is granted by accrediting agencies as well as private associations who establish the educational standards for online schools. There are different resources to determine if a school is accredited:

  • The US Department of Education – they list thousands of post-secondary institutions and programs accredited by organizations recognized by them.
  • The Council for Higher Education Association – they also list thousands of schools and programs accredited by them or the USDE.
  • The National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission – they are also responsible for accrediting and approving RN programs in the United States.

You Can Access Your Courses Whenever You Want

Once these online courses start you can access the course whenever you want and work when it is convenient for you. While most courses also have their due dates for assignments, you are most times given the course syllabus at the start of the course and are given a number of weeks notice to complete the assignments. Online RN Schools

There are three primary educational paths to becoming a registered nurse, and these are a bachelor’s degree in nursing, an associate degree in nursing as well as a diploma from an approved nursing program. After completing one of these, the RN will earn a license by taking and passing a national licensing examination. Training programs are made up of a mix of classroom instruction as well as supervised clinical experience in a health care facility.

All nursing degree programs require a certain level of practical training and online RN schools are just the same as regular campuses. Because of the distance learning, students are required to find a hospital or other health care facility which is close to them where they can do their practical training. Some online schools already have established working relationships with health care facilities and they recommend these to their online students.

You Can Still Interact With Instructors When Studying Online

These online courses are much the same as traditional courses. Prospective online students need not worry that by taking courses on-line, they will not have the liberty of interacting with instructors when they don’t understand work. Students won’t be interacting face to face but there will be plenty of interaction via email as well as on-line discussions.

The type of computer equipment you need for on-line RN schools will vary from program to program but whichever on-line program you opt for, you will need Internet connection and also have an email account so that your instructors can communicate with you and so that you can send off assignments.

Some Top Online RN Schools

You are encouraged to request free information from the schools you apply to and which interest you to get an idea of what each one offers. Some of the best ones are:

  • Walden University – they have a reputable track record in online higher education and they have thousands of students who make use of their online programs worldwide. Their online degree programs are developed to help students to advance their knowledge in the best way.
  • Kaplan University – they offer online education to students in nursing. Some of the nursing degrees offered are a master of science in nursing and master of science in nurse administration.
  • Western Governors University – they are a private, nonprofit, online university. Your online degree is based on passing rigorous assessments that measure your skills and knowledge in your field of study. They offer 50 degree programs.With this University you enjoy plenty of advantages:
    • a mentoring team who are committed to your success
    • an online learning model that gives you flexibility and control over your education
    • the university has received accreditation from four regional accrediting commissions
    • they offer affordable tuition with the possibility of accelerated learning that equals lower costs for your education.
  • California Coast University – they provide degree completion programs designed for students whose geographic, professional, or personal time commitments prevent them from completing their education at regular on-campus programs.
  • Southern New Hampshire University – they are dedicated to helping students realize their goals. They offer their students a flexible schedule and the staff are quick to respond to queries.

Different Types Of Registered Nurses

You also get other types of registered nurses; like nurse practitioners and nurse anesthetists, and they will require even more specific, advanced and specialized training. Registered nurses will work in all kinds of different settings and they will need to be well trained to slot effectively into the setting they select.

What Is The Best Online School?

That will depend entirely on you and what you are expecting from the. There are fantastic resources on the Internet, and they will give you an idea of what the best online schools are. One such site is

Online Courses Are Quick And Easy

For many registered nurses, attending a nursing school is impossible for them, and then online RN schools become an excellent alternative. Many of these online nursing schools allow you to get your associate’s degree and qualify for your RN license. Even if you just want to take one or two courses for another degree program you can. The amazing this is that these online courses only last for about six weeks. Some nurses are inclined to think that doing a course online means an inferior type of education; with certain things being left out. Nothing could be further than the truth, because you will not only be amazed at the number of schools offering nursing degrees online degrees, but you will be amazed at the range of degree levels that nursing online schools have available:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) – education to become a registered nurse
  • RN-to-BSN – a fast track for registered nurses who hold a nursing diploma or an associate’s degree to earn their BSN
  • Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) – for nurses looking for an advanced practice nursing career for nurses look to specialize
  • Nursing Doctorate – for nurses who want to achieve leadership positions in clinical research or advanced clinical practice for instance.

The instructor will post lecture materials as well as assignments on the website, and if, as a student, you want to ask questions they will have a bulletin board where you can put forward your questions or post comments. Sometimes the instructor will notify students that they are available for comments and questions and a specific time. Once a student has completed an assignment, it will need to be emailed to the instructor.

Most online programs allow students to the course work at their own pace, and this is the beauty of online courses in that students who are working are able to study online at times that suit them. Many working nurses have got other responsibilities and can’t to attend classes every day. Online nursing also requires a lot of commitment and is also demanding, but it is the flexibility that nurses appreciate. Studying on-line also saves having to get to college and waste a lot of time in heavy traffic. Some classes and degrees can be completed at an accelerated pace.

When Can You Start Online Programs?

If the online program is self-paced you can start any time convenient to you. Bear in mind that some online programs are structured to be similar to traditional programs and then they will have a designated starting time.

How Much Do These Online Schools Charge?

You cannot just give one price because there are so many variables which need to be considered. For instance, is the online school a state school or a private school? What course are you taking? The more programs you include the more costly. Prices will vary from school to school and program to program. You will also need to add in registration or enrollment fees.

Online RN Schools And Financial Aid

The purpose of financial aid for those wanting to become a registered nurse is to help students and families meet educational expenses that cannot be met through their own resources. Students who enroll in these online degree programs are most times eligible for the same types of scholarships and financial aid as students who enroll in traditional programs. You can apply for Federal Student Aid, grants and scholarships as well as student loans. To find out about financial aid and how to calculate how much your online school will cost and how much aid you will need, you can visit for more information. Whichever college or university you are studying with, they will be happy to help you apply for any financial aid that you may qualify for. If you find that Federal and State Aid is not enough, you can apply for other grants and scholarships as well.


If you believe online RN schools are for you, you must do a bit of research and find the program that fits your schedule, your lifestyle and your budget. A convenient way of getting an idea of online nursing programs is to do a search for accredited online RN programs. Once you find a list of accredited schools, you can contact them for more information. Most of them will have online application forms or you can even call the college or university and request information from the. The fact that there is no travel time, you work at your own pace and you enjoy flexibility has made online education hugely popular.

As with any education program, to enjoy the benefits you need to adhere to their requirements. Have you got all the appropriate prerequisites? To be accepted into some university’s RN degree programs, you may first need to have an associate’s RN degree as well as a minimum GPA from high school. They will also insist that you have access to the appropriate technology, and if you don’t, while you plan to get fixed up, do you have access to a computer at a library or Internet cafe?

Nursing is a wonderful profession, and if you don’t have a nursing degree, giving up your job and going back to school full-time to become a registered nurse just isn’t going to work out for you. But you can certainly make an online nursing degree work for you. There are numerous kinds of nursing degrees offered online through the different medical facilities and if you want to, there is a perfect online nursing program for you. Most people just love the fact that they can keep their jobs and go to school at the same time.

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