When You Are Training To Become A Social Worker

Where To Get Social Worker Training

It is not just anyone who can be a social worker. You should do some soul searching and go through the personal checklist of the personality type that works best in this line of work. Not everyone is grateful for your help, but sometimes you have to look past that and keep fighting because it is the right thing to do. The study of social work is really a study into how people think and react in certain circumstances and how to put society back together again when it starts to veer off course time and again.

In order to embark upon your social worker training, you can attend one of the following schools:

  • Old Dominion University is a global university with students in over 113 countries. You can do your social worker training online through them as well which will be more cost-effective than having to physically go to campus everyday and it can save you on transport and possible boarding costs as well.
  • Daemen College is situated in the suburbs of New York and is also close to the city of Buffalo. It hosts a number of international students within its walls. They are a private educational facility.
  • Florida International University is also a good choice to study your masters of social work and they are ahead of their time with their research and training facilities.
  • The University at Albany offers world class education and has a duel degree in social work and criminal justice which will give you a better look into the legal aspects of things and why certain things have to follow a certain order.
  • The University of Texas at San Antonio is also a great southern institute which prides themselves in their level of education that will give the next generation of social workers an edge.
  • The University of Central Missouri offers students a versified student life with their 225 student programs that will keep the students occupied and challenged.
  • The University of Findlay is also a global university that has students from all over the world. This gives the students at this University a good perspective of other countries and culture which can lead to a more tolerable society in the long run. Social work is after all the acceptance of others and helping those in need no matter what their background.
  • St Cloud State University offers students a more affordable option and has drawn quite a number of international students because of their affordability and fun learning environment.
  • The University of Wyoming has world class facilities that has drawn a large number of international students as well and has a wide range of members and faculties to choose from.
  • Kansas State University is one of the leading State Universities and is also ranked very highly among both public and private learning institutions.  Their B.A in social work is highly recommended.
  • The University of Oregon is a world class training and research University where you can study Master of Arts in Communication Disorders and Sciences which will give you an edge over others with undergrad diplomas.

It is not difficult to see that all of these universities are world class and that they offer really good value for money. There are so many more top of the line institutions available that you can easily find and institution that is close to home so that there is at least a saving in boarding and transportation costs involved. Your choice of institution will depend on your personal circumstances and what type of degree you are interested in obtaining.

What The Course Involves

To become a social worker, a bachelor’s degree is needed. There are many Universities that offer a Bachelor’s in Social work degree and you will be able to apply for scholarships for these degrees as well. Some of the subject that you will be able to study during this course would include:

Cultural Diversity

A social worker needs to know the values and traditions of all of the cultures in the region they will be working in as not to insult their beliefs or family values. When you step into another man’s home, you need to function under his laws and beliefs even if they are not your own.

Counseling Strategies

Social Worker TrainingThere are many different strategies that can be used to help families, groups and individuals to cope and function within their society and the changing world they find themselves in. The strategy that can be used may depend on the social worker’s personality type or the situation they are finding themselves in. A counselor would, for example, not take on a motherly role when dealing with an elderly couple, but would use this technique when gaining the trust of a troubled youth yet if the counselor is incapable of portraying the motherly person, they could act like a concerned big sister or brother instead.

Research Methods

A social worker would often have to gain evidence that will stand up in court about a case and thus the evidence needs to be conducted in a lawful manner. There are many ways in which to gather information and evidence and a social worker needs to be able to implement these skills when handing evidence over to a court for the decision on what will influence probably an entire family’s future.

Social Justice

Social justice means that no one person is above the other and that everyone receives the respect and dignity that they deserve for the simple reason that they are a part of the community. It is here that social workers come in to do the most work so that those in the greatest need can be uplifted to form a cohesive part of the society they are a part of.

Human Behavior

Each person is different and has a unique way of thinking, yet when provoked in a certain way, human nature takes over and you will generally get the same reaction out of any person who is treated that way. This is basic human behavior. If you challenge someone’s beliefs, they will act a certain way. If you respect the way they think and you encourage the behavior that you want to see in them, you will get a much better reaction.

Social Psychology

Certain groups of people act a certain way. In animals we call this pack-mentality. One person will act a certain way when faced with a situation, but when this person is part of a group, his attitude will immediately start siding with the rest of the group and his way of thinking will also be altered. Because social work functions not just with individuals, but with individuals as a part of society as a whole, the social worker training needs to include how certain groups think and what makes them act a certain way.

Group Work

Dealing with one individual on a one-on-one basis is a lot more effective, but sometimes the social worker would have to be able to counsel a group and needs to know how to handle a group of people who have problems and how to gain the respect of this group so that things will follow a plan and schedule.

There is also a requirement of 400 hours practical work with a supervisor in the field that needs to be completed before the Bachelor’s degree will be awarded to the student.

Once you have achieved your Bachelor’s degree, you can be employed as a social worker, but your social worker training is not yet complete. To advance any further in this line of work, you need to complete a Master’s degree in Social work. The Master’s degree could take up to two years to complete and also has the responsibility of 900 hours of being a case worker in the field with a supervisor before the degree can be completed.

By the time the graduate is fully qualified, they are ready to go into the field with the confidence and knowledge that they need and the practical experience that will give them a lead over the social workers who have only completed an undergraduate diploma. When you are dealing with people who are in need of help or who are at conflict with themselves or others, you need to be competent enough to help them and to advise them and to do this, you need to earn their trust. No one trusts someone who looks like they do not know what they are doing or does not have the experience to deal with difficult circumstances.

Although employment is possible with these undergrad qualifications such as Sociology, it is much more enriching to do the full course and get the degree that will enable you to excel at what you do instead of only going to a job every day to put in the hours. Those who care enough to put in the hours and hard work will care enough to make a difference in their field one day.  To become a licensed social worker you will need a degree.

With the economy the way it has been and where it seems to be headed it is always best to be safe than sorry and gain as much knowledge and experience to ensure success in your chosen field.

Requirements Before Training Starts

In order for you to enter into a social worker training program, you will need a High School Diploma and in order to enter a Master’s in Social work degree program, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree. Before you start working as a fully qualified and licensed social worker, you will have to do a set amount of hours supervised service in the field.

What Are The Costs Involved

A Bachelor’s degree in social works could set you back between $13000 and $19000 depending on where you are studying

To get your Master’s degree in social works, you will need to pay something between $13000 and $36000 depending on whether you are attending a state or a private institution.

Over and above these tuition costs, you will need to set aside funds for the books, travelling, accommodation and normal living costs.

Before rushing out and picking a University in haste, do a little research about the programs that are offered on campus and what will be expected of students studying at the institutions. There are also a variety of programs students can join that will give them support during their studies which differ from one campus to the next. When choosing where to study, make sure you will get your money’s worth.

How Long The Training Is

As all other Bachelor’s degree, the degree in Social work is a four year course. During these four years, the student is expected to perform supervised practical work as well to ensure that they are able to implement all they have learned during the training.

After the Bachelor’s degree is obtained, the Master’s degree takes about two years to complete and also has a set amount of hours of supervised field work included.

What You Will Be Able To Do When You Have Done The Training

By the time you have finished your Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in social work and you have done your hours of community work, you will be able to set up office as a state or private social worker that can help members of the community get along with each other in a more peaceful manner and help families with their problems. Some social workers choose to specialize in certain types of cases such as child abuse and problem children.

A social worker needs to get involved and be able to give an outside perspective to a situation that may seem impossible to those involved and to council and give advice at a time when others may not want to hear what they have to say. Some of the skills that a social worker needs rest in their personality, the rest of it can be taught to them during social worker training courses and the practical experience they gain while working in the field.

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