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There are plenty of Registered Nurse jobs out there for anyone who wishes to work in the field of registered nursing. However there are many different registered nurse jobs and you will have to keep a lot of different aspects in mind if you want to be successful in this area. This article is about the different factors affecting RN jobs and what you need to do to find the ideal job to suit you.

Factors Affecting RN Jobs

There are a number of different factors that contribute to the differences between different types of jobs as well as to the success of RN jobs in general, so it is very important that you are aware of all of these factors and that you have a clear understanding of how these factors affect the RN jobs in your area. There are many registered nurse jobs to choose form, but all of them are subtly different so it is important that you consider the factors mentioned blow when you are analyzing an RN job for its suitability for you on a personal level. A job that may be perfect for your best friend may nevertheless not be the right job for you to choose. The factors affecting the kind of RN job you get are demand, education setting, population, salary, location, considerations and your specialization.


One of the main factors affecting RN jobs in this day and age is the increasing demand in this world for nursing professionals. Registered nurse jobs are considered to be among the most stable jobs that are available out there. This is because, even when the economy faces a crisis, the health care profession will keep on going strong. It is an industry that we cannot do without because people will always need health care form health care professionals as long as the world turns. So, if you are trying to decide on a profession to enter, remember that RN jobs are among the more stable options. On top of that your skills will be in great demand as there is a severe shortage of RN’s at present.


Your level of education will of course affect the RN jobs that you are eligible for. There are several ways to qualify as an RN. You could. For example, do a two year Associate’s degree. This is the quickest way to become an RN. You could also choose to do a bachelor’s or master’s degree which will take a lot longer, usually in the region of about four years to complete. The longer the program the more comprehensive and prestigious it is. Therefore, if you want to increase your chances of getting the best RN jobs you should go out of your way to get as high a qualification in the field as possible. The more continuing education you engage in the more jobs you will be considered for, so keep your education up after you have qualified too.


Registered nurses can work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, private practices, clinics, as travelling specialists, as ambulatory or emergency nurses, within a nursing home for the elderly, as home care nurses, in government offices or in the education field. These are just some of the registered nurse jobs that you will be able to do once you are an RN. The fact that there is so much choice when it comes to settings is a great thing for you indeed as this means that you will have the opportunity to find the perfect niche for you to work in. Some RN’s do better in nursing home RN jobs, for example, while others thrive in a more traditional hospital setting. Take the time to explore all the options and find out which of the many RN jobs suit you the best.


It is possible for you to focus, as a nurse, on a particular population of people. For example you may be more interested in women’s health than in men’s health and consequently you will specialize in that. As a result you will only be eligible for those RN jobs where a specialization in this population is appropriate and useful. You will not, for example, get a job in a men’s prison! Other populations you can specialize in include children and elderly people. If you specialize in the child population you will be a pediatric nurse, and if you specialize in the elderly population you will be a geriatric nurse. Likewise you will not be considered for RN jobs in retirement homes if you have a specialization in paediatric nursing, and nor will you work in a children’s hospital with a specialization in geriatric nursing.


There is a very wide range of salaries that you can earn as an RN nurse. Salaries range from about $43000 to about $92000 and there are so many factors affecting what kind of salary you can earn in what kind of registered nurse jobs. For example salaries can differ quite severely from state to state, which means that you have to have a clear idea of what the options are n the particular state where you would like to work. Not only do salaries vary from state to state, they also vary within states from city to city so you really need to know your facts if you are choosing a job based on salary. There are also different levels that you can work at as an RN and each of these levels also come with their own salary expectations.

Personality Considerations

As an RN you will have to work with sick and injured people on a daily basis. This means that you will need to have a certain type of personality. One of the key aspects to being an RN rests in your ability to be empathetic, or to put yourself in another person’s shoes and understand what they are going through to a certain degree. You will also need to be able to relate to other people well. If you are unable to communicate effectively with others on a good interpersonal level then you will struggle to deal with not only your patients but also your colleagues in a work setting as an RN. A positive attitude will stand you in good stead as your patients will look to you for support as they recover from their illnesses or injuries.


There are a number of different areas you can specialize in as an RN, such as addictions, cardiology, critical care, emergency, forensic nursing, geriatrics, home health care, infusion, oncology, medical-surgical, pain management, pediatrics, Perioperative, psychiatric, radiology, and research. The type of specialization that you choose, if any, can have a big impact on the RN jobs that you are eligible to work. For example if you are a pediatric specialist there will not be much use for you in a practice focusing exclusively on oncology (although you may have some skills to offer in pediatric oncology). If you want to specialize you need to think ahead and consider what specialties will make you more in demand and give you access to as wide a variety of registered nurse jobs as possible, while keeping mind that the specialty should be something that you enjoy.

Postpartum RN jobs

Let us consider for a short while one very specific filed of RN jobs, namely the field of postpartum nursing. If you want to work in this filed you will need to have a very caring attitude as this is specifically aimed at dealing with mothers who have just recently given birth. As a result a love of children is absolutely essential if you are considering registered nurse jobs of this kind. You also need to have the right kind of personality in terms of your empathy and warmness. The maternity room needs to be a safe place for a mother where she can ask questions about her new role easily and without feeling afraid to approach you about it. You must also be prepared to deal with women who have experienced birthing tragedies without losing control of your own emotions.

Description Of Postpartum RN jobs

The job of a postpartum nurse includes:

  • Caring for mothers who have just given birth
  • Monitoring the mother’s condition by taking her blood pressure and checking her other vital signs
  • Checking the mother’s stitches
  • Helping the mother change her padding
  • Teaching the mother how to manage her healing process when she goes home
  • Giving her advice on which medications to take and why

You can see then why it is important that you have the right attitude and that you are a naturally caring and empathetic person. This is an important step for a woman and they rely on the postpartum nurse to be there for them and to answer any questions they have sensitively and without any prejudice, hardness or bitterness on the part of the RN.

Scope Of Postpartum RN jobs

Postpartum RN jobs do not include actually taking care of the baby. This is the doctor’s job and does not fall to you in any way. However you may have deal with certain aspects of the baby’s care in order to ensure that everything goes well. Postpartum registered nurse jobs include some very basic functions like, for example, holding the baby thereby allowing the mother to do something else such as shower or use the ladies room. Many mothers experience trouble when breastfeeding, especially if it is their first child. Postpartum RN jobs involve helping mothers with these breastfeeding issues by giving advice and offering alternative feeding solutions for the mother to consider. It will also be your job to refer the baby and its mother to a lactation counsellor in the event that breastfeeding is not possible for some or other reason.

Postpartum RN Jobs: Salary

The salary for postpartum RN jobs is in the same region as salaries for any other nursing jobs. This range has already been mentioned in the article. What you have to do with postpartum RN jobs is weight up the emotional strain that you will feel in tragic situations with the joy you will experience due to the nature of the work with the salary hat you can expect to earn. Once you have done this you will be in a much better position to determine whether this is the kind of job you want to have as a registered nurse. It is definitely one of the registered nurse jobs that you need to think about carefully before plunging right into, especially if you are someone who cannot keep control of your emotions.

RN Jobs MN

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That concludes our look at some of the RN jobs that are worth your consideration as well as our discussion about some of the many aspects that can affect what jobs you will be eligible to work in once you have qualified as an RN nurse. Now that you have all of the facts you should be able to easily come to a decision about what kind of RN jobs you want and whether or not this is the right line of work for you. There are many worse things that you can be other than an RN nurse, and there are many different options open to you if you want to find a job in this field, so you should be able to find something that suits you perfectly.

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