Need- Or Merit Based Social Worker Scholarships

Socials workers help people make the most of the situations they find themselves in. People who are desperately poor, those who are abused and neglected and those who are emotionally unstable are counseled by social workers who try to work out a plan for them that will improve their situation. If you or your family are going through a crisis that you cannot seem to resolve, a social worker can assist you. They try to plan things for needy people and help them to get in touch with support groups and programs where they can communicate with people who are understanding and caring. To become a social worker you need plenty of studying, and social worker scholarships can help deserving students to have these expensive studies paid for. Not only that, scholarships attached to successful students can actually enhance a college’s reputation. That is why it is always a good idea to inquire about scholarships at the particular college or university you are studying at.

Because of the skills shortage related to social workers, the majority of social workers don’t actually do the work they were trained to do but they are expected to provide social work services to anyone who requires their services. There is a demand for more social workers, and a demand for social worker scholarships so that those who are interested in making social work their career choice are not put off by the high tuition fees, putting their dreams out of reach.

Your College Education Can Be Paid For

Like any college degree, the education to become a social worker can be expensive, and while many students take out student loans, repaying them becomes stressful, and can impact your ability to study well. The beauty of social worker scholarships is that you don’t have to pay back anything later. Scholarships are financial awards which help students pay for their college tuition.Social Worker Scholarship

Some scholarships are a once-off amount while others are renewable and provide money for students each semester. The money can be put to good use and pay for your entire education but it can also be for books, maybe a computer, as well as accommodation. Contrary to what many people think, college scholarships are not just simply awarded to those with the best grades; each scholarship has its own objective and many are based on need.

Make sure to keep all documentation safe so that when the opportunity arises for a scholarship, you have everything in order. A motivational letter will often be required it should be compelling. Also keep all those references together from past teachers, headmasters and community leaders.

Scholarships Also Available By Applying Online

You can also get a scholarship worth $10,000 by applying online. It is absolutely worth a try because it costs nothing to apply. There are some online schools for social work that stand out from the crowd, and the University of Iowa is one, simply because they offer their students so many different resources. On top of that they are one of the best schools in the country. Students have access to study guides, interview tips, video seminars as well as having the ability to search their on-line recruiting system for jobs, volunteer opportunities, and internships. Iowa University is known for their outstanding online bachelor’s degree programs which include live streaming video and assistance through email, live chat, phone as well as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Students at Iowa can receive all but the same academic support as their on-campus counterparts.

Look For Scholarships That Are Applicable To You

Scholarship programs are selective in the students they choose. Some scholarships won’t be applicable to you for one or other reason. Maybe you are not female, maybe your grades are not high enough, maybe you are not African-American students or Hispanic students or maybe you are not a single parent or you are not involved in community projects. There are need based scholarships for students from low income families as well as merit based scholarships for students with good academic records. Many scholarships require you to pursue an education in a certain field such as social work.

Once you get the scholarship, you will be required to maintain good grades, and if you don’t meet the requirements after you’ve been given the scholarship, you could lose it. To apply for scholarships you will need to be a US citizen or an eligible non-citizen to qualify.

Scholarships Come From Different Sources

Always do research before you start looking for scholarships and make sure that the qualifying factors for the scholarship program are adhered to by you. You will need to see that you meet each and every requirement of the sponsor. Find out details from the financial aid office of your college to see if they offer scholarships. There are many private, public and non-profit organizations that provide scholarships and grants to students. Financial aid comes in many different sources and you can do an Internet search and browse through some of the websites. When applying for scholarships and grants, don’t restrict yourself to applying for only one or two scholarships, but apply for a number of them, because inevitably some of them will be turned down.

It is always a good idea to have recommendation letters from your teachers or school headmaster. It will be to your advantage if your teachers will be able to show that you were involved in community projects as well because students who show leadership qualities are given serious consideration when it comes to awarding scholarships.

Most scholarship programs have an online application form which needs to be filled out before the due date to be eligible for the scholarship.

Scholarships Are Not Only For Those With The Best Grades

If you are thinking that you are not scholarship material, don’t just do nothing. If you steadily achieve good marks and you have volunteered to help out in your community, and if you have a disability there is every reason for you to apply for a scholarship. Humboldt State University received an award for their fantastic range of disability services which they offer such as exam accommodation and extended test time, amongst others.

Before a social worker can eventually start working, they will first need to get a license as well as certification. Each state where social workers practice will have different rules and regulations around getting licensed.

The Cost Of Studying To Be A Social Worker

There are no set tuition rates for colleges and universities because each one, depending on the state they are in, will have their own particular rates, but tuition fees for a Bachelor of Social Work degree will cost in the region $750.00 / $800,00 per one term course and $1,500.00 per two term course. When you are on the websites of different colleges, some of them provide a fees calculator which will guide you through different options, allowing you to select details of courses you want to study and then to estimate your fees. Other costs will include students having to fund their travel and living expenses as well.

Being a private or public institution will also affect the tuition fees as well as the type of programs offered. If you want to look at the cost of a university’s tuition, the Internet can provide you with a list of institutions in the area you want to study. These websites will give you information on what the university is all about, their programs of study, entrance requirements, their accreditation as well as their tuition fees and whether they offer any kind of financial assistance in the form of grants or social worker scholarships. Always make sure to choose a college or university with accreditation so that your training is recognized when you want to start applying for work.

The Minimum Requirement Is A Bachelor’s Degree

To become a social worker, the minimum qualification is a bachelor’s degree in social work (BSW), and you can just imagine how much this can cost. If you want to pick from the cream of the crop in terms of job choices, you will want a Masters Degree in Social Work (MSW). For social workers who want to lecture at a university, they would have to hold a doctorate degree in social work (DSW).

Masters in Social Work requires two years of studying with at least 900 hours of supervised practice.

Doctorate in Social Work is an advanced degree that requires setting up to four years aside for studying. Without some kind of financial aid like a scholarship, how are you going to pay for your doctorate?

Social Work Scholarships

Majoring in social work can be costly and it will be to your benefit if you can get a scholarship so as to remove the burden of paying for your studies. Which students can apply for scholarships? Scholarships are awarded to academically excellent students who have shown that they are serious about excelling in their studies and who show future potential. These social worker scholarships are fantastic because they will cover tuition, college fees as well as living expenses.

Mercifully there are many scholarships out there for social workers; some of which are:

  • Bethesda Lutheran Communities Scholarship for College Students – they offer two $3,000 scholarships to Lutheran students wanting to pursue undergraduate degrees in any area of service providing help to people with developmental disabilities. Eligible students are members of a Lutheran church and have achieved sophomore status or higher at a college or university.
  • Presbyterian Church – USA Student Opportunity Scholarships – they serve Presbyterian Church college students from the USA in select majors. They provide aid for the expenses of their third and fourth years of an undergraduate program. To be eligible, students must be a member of Presbyterian Church, have completed second year of college and enrolled full time, have a good academic record and be looking at a bachelor degree.
  • Maryland Graduate and Professional School Scholarship – this scholarship is for students wanting to do a degree. Students must complete FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) forms. The minimum award is $1,000 per year and the maximum award is $5,000 per year. Instructions for filling out the FAFSA can be found online at their website
  • The National Association of Social Workers awards several scholarships in master’s and doctoral degree programs. The Consuelo W. Gosnell Memorial Scholarship is for social work students who work.
  • Alfred V. Taylor Scholarship – for students interested in the promotion of social work practice. To apply students will need to provide a narrative giving a short description of academic preparation and career interest in social work as well as two letters of reference.
  • The John A. Hartford Foundation – they offer social work scholarships administered by The Gerontological Society of America (GSA). For more information you can look at their website:


A career in social work requires a certain type of person who enjoys helping people and making their circumstances bearable. Being a social worker requires a lot of hard work as well as a good education, but paying for college can make some students decide not to go to college after all, and this can be a huge pity when the person had all the makings of a brilliant social worker. Many colleges and universities offer social worker scholarships and there are hundreds more being offered on the Internet. Apart from those offered by colleges and universities, scholarships are also offered by private individuals and associations. The National Association of Social Workers for instance offers two scholarships for social work students at the graduate level. Always take to school officials to see what is scholarships are being offered. The more scholarship applications you send out, the better. It doesn’t matter which programs and courses you complete, because social work training is always going to involve intensive and lengthy study. You need to be concentrating on your studies and not fretting about the fact that you can’t afford to pay for your education fees.

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